Mobility is Indepence is the defining statement of Medtech Orthopedics.  Whether we are dealing with chronic pain, acute injuries, or complications of neurological or post-operative conditions, our goal is to assist every patient and clinician with our clinical expertise and innovative devices in order to improve the patient’s mobility. Pain reduction, improved stability, patient confidence, and better biomechanics all increase activity and mobility, thereby enhancing a patient’s probability of rehabilitation and improved quality of life.  Medtech Orthopedics only hopes we can be one integral piece of the clinical puzzle in helping patients on their road to recovery. 

Medtech Orthopedics provides patients and healthcare providers access to orthopedic braces and devices that can help patients to achieve their therapeutic goals of improved function, mobility, and independence. We offer non-surgical, non-drug, and non-invasive alternatives to pain relief.

Our goal is to ensure that all patients in need are assessed and provided for in the most efficient and convenient manner possible. The products and services we offer are shaped by the feedback we receive from both patients and providers. Whether you are the patient or the ordering provider, we strive to meet your needs and reach the best solution. This includes free in-office or at-home assessments and deliveries by our highly knowledgeable, mobile staff clinicians. 



  Denver and Surrounding Area

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