welcome to: medtech ORTHOPEDICS 

We provide convenient and professional services to those in need of high quality  and cost-effective orthotic and pain management solutions.  Our clinicians specialize in a combination of specialty fields including orthotics, podiatry, pedorthics, and biomechanics.  In order to make a decisive and immediate impact, we use a team approach in addressing patients’ current health and product needs in order to create the best plan of care. Our organization firmly believes that everyone should have access to modern healthcare treatment and products that can improve their quality of life--regardless of where they call home.  Since we are a mobile service, we are able to partner with healthcare providers in your home town to offer support in optimizing wellness through standards that promote effective and efficient patient treatment. We focus on 2 areas of concern: fall prevention and alternative pain management. We work closely with physicians and therapists to fully understand each patient’s needs in order to maximize treatment and enhance quality of life.

Specialty Fields