We recently saw a patient for OA of his right knee at a Lynnwood rehabilitation facility.  He had been struggling with his weight and his knee for a few years, and he has spent the majority of that time in a wheelchair.  Through diet, exercise, and participation in physical therapy, he has now lost over 100 lbs.  He is starting to become more active and mobile, but his biggest obstacle now has been his painful right knee during and after walking.  He fit the perfect profile of someone who needed the Unloader One Plus knee brace to offload the pain provide more knee stability.  The day prior to his knee brace fitting, he was able to walk 300 feet using his walker, which was his record at the time.  On his first attempt with the Unloader One Plus, he was able to walk 493 feet!  He also reported his pain level as a 2/10, rather than his typical 5 to 8 out of 10.  He and his therapist were both shocked and thrilled that on his first try with the brace, he was able to increase his overall activity by 32%!  He was the highlight of the therapy day and we all shared a high five afterwards.  His new short term goal is to walk over 700 feet before he is discharged this Thursday.