Greg Spinnato is ready for the challenge ahead of him.  It’s a challenge that is very meaningful for Greg:  building up his strength and learning to walk again independently for the first time in years. 

I was fortunate enough to meet Greg a few months ago when he greeted me with a smile and stated that he was anxious to get new braces so he can begin balance and gait training again.  Greg had recently found a new sense of motivation that has now pushed him beyond where anyone thought he might be at this point in his rehabilitation.  With the assistance of his physical therapy team and healthcare professionals, Greg is now able to stand on his own on the parallel bars for over 1 minute.  During his first day of rehab, he only lasted 10 seconds.  Greg has been working diligently on strengthening his legs and upper body and is enjoying his rigorous workouts in the therapy gym 3 times per week. 

Greg reports that his new, lightweight knee and ankle orthoses are working well, stating “it just feels much easier to stand and transfer and I feel more stable.”  It has now been 2 years since Greg has transferred himself independently and around 9 years since he was walking independently.  With the help of Greg’s family, faith, and healthcare team, we are all hoping that Greg will quickly regain his strength and stability and truly overcome the odds.