Medtech Enterprises has a passion for helping others and bringing people together.  Our  mission is to  develop a more integrated and efficient healthcare system that services the rural areas of Tennessee and surrounding states.  Our service is available where specialty orthotic services are difficult to access, so many residents and physicians are forced to go without. The founders of Medtech Enterprises have over 33 years of combined healthcare experience in a variety of specialties including orthotics, pedorthics, pain management, practice management, social work, and podiatric medicine.

Our home office is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee and our area of service currently includes all of Tennessee, along with northern Georgia, southern Kentucky, Seattle & surrounding areas, and Chicago and surrounding areas.  Our technicians travel many miles a day, in an effort to offer quality orthotic services in areas that could otherwise go overlooked.  We develop strong relationships with the local physicians, physical therapists, and home health agencies and work closely with them to ensure that their patients receive the best healthcare available. We also enjoy visiting local communities and residential facilities to assist in educating healthcare providers, patients, and their families on various topics and measures aimed at fall prevention and pain management.


Medtech Enterprises is dedicated to significantly improving two specific areas of concern within the healthcare industry of our geographic region: fall prevention and alternative pain management. Taking an aggressive and educational approach in treating balance and gait deficiencies within the elderly population can play a significant role in reducing patient falls and, in many cases, the consequences of serious fractures. We are convinced that the best patient benefits are achieved when our special orthoses are used in tandem with the therapeutic approaches implemented by physical therapy teams and caregivers.  By combining customized ankle and foot orthotic technology with fall prevention education and training, Medtech Enterprises is striving to become the leading authority on fall prevention in our area.


Medtech’s second goal is to offer safe, non-addictive pain management alternative solutions in an effort to rid our communities of frequently abused pharmaceuticals that continue to claim victims at an alarming rate.  We offer solutions for chronic pain patients involving mechanical and electrical devices that can both provide better relief of their pain and prevent addictive behaviors that can cause detrimental effects on their jobs, families, and lives.

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